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    Nantong Sunrett Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd. is committed to providing equipment with high process efficiency and safe operation for chemical, pharmaceutical, energy and other industries; The company's main products include reactors, reactors, reaction towers, heaters, condensers, evaporators, reboilers, steam generators, waste heat and residual cooling recovery and other heat exchangers, coolers, distillation towers, absorption towers, desorption towers, extraction towers and other chemical towers, filters, dust collectors, storage tanks and other chemical equipment; Industries involved include oil chemical industry, medicine and pesticide, new energy, coal chemical industry, coal distillation, new chemical materials, etc., especially in oil chemical industry......
Steel structure workshop
office building and warehouse
The national construction 
force is distributed in urban areas
Professional construction 
engineering qualification

All kinds of mechanical 
equipment and supporting facilities

Development direction

Welcome friends from all parties to visit Nantong Sunrett, whether or not they give us the opportunity to provide products or technical services;
We have not only the equipment design and quality assurance system team, but also the team support of chemical process, 
thermal energy and automatic control instruments;
We not only manufacture a high-quality equipment, 
but also a equipment that creates value for customers;!
Production workshop
Professional because of focus